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Become a Trend

To become a trend is to start something that changes the way people do things. It's something every entrepreneur dreams of becoming when they first have their Big Idea. But to become a trend you need more than ideas, you need support. At Go Trend Yourself, I provide tailor-made services that support you during those critical moments of your start-up lifecycle.  


It all begins with that million dollar idea. I provide a number of services that will help you turn your idea into prototype.

You have a working prototype of your idea but what's next? Let me help you turn your product  into an investable Start-Up. 

Is it time to start selling? My services  ensure your business takes those all

important first steps to success.  

Incubators & Accelerators

EVENTS & Hackathons

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Know your Ecosystem

Position your uniquness into your start-up ecosystem and attract the best cohorts to your programmes.  


Our events challenge innovaters to do more than create exciting products; they inspire you to make real social, environmental impacts on the world.  




Our interactive workshops equip students with the tools  to design their own imaginary start-ups

in a fun group environment. 

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