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From Idea to Reality

So you've got that million dollar idea but don't know where to start.  I offer a number of services that will help to take those all important first steps towards turning your great idea into a prototype that you can show-off to investors and the world.  

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Idea Clinic

I help you evaluate and develop your idea in relation to your vision, passions, talents as well as market trends, competition and existing technologies. 

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Market Analytics

 My market research enables you to know/reach your customers, optimise prices and include the best features into your product or service design.  

Tech Feasibility
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I help design your tech architecture to speed up processes, reduce cost, personalise user-experience and scale your business to the next level.

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 I help you navigate the legal waters of forming companies, contracts, accounts, employment, health & safety and  industry specific regulations.


I help you develop an ecosystem of co-founders, key partnerships, talent recruitment and value-adding investors

to help you grow and succeed. 

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CEO Coaching

I help you become a confident leader, a keen strategist, risk taker, process disrupter, finance wizard and a

persuasive negotiator.

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I help you create prototypes, MPVs,

wire-frames, code simulations and

design beta-versions of your final

product or service. 

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Road Mapping

I work with you to design the next steps, the next 6 months, the next year and next 5 years to help guide you and your business to sustainable growth. 

I am based in London, but provide these services to you, over the internet, anywhere in the world.   

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