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Become something Unique in your Ecosystem

Every start-up ecosystem is unique to its city. Let us help you turn your incubator/accelerator into the market leader of your ecosystem, so that you can attract the very best start-ups to your programmes.

A familiar scenario: You run an incubator or an accelerator in a nice location with great space, talented staff, a great selection of professional mentors, innovative facilities, a growing network of partners/investors and a solid sounding programme to take in a new cohort of start-ups.  Jump forward and it's Demo Day. Yet despite your best efforts, the event boasts only a handful of investments.  What happened? 

At Go Trend Yourself we call this a Diluted Interest Per Start-up (IPS). It happens when your reputation as an incubator or accelerator has been diluted by start-ups that simply are not exciting and as a result your demo day is no longer the anticipated business event of the year. This all started because you were unable to attract the very best start-ups on your programme.  So, what can you do about this? 

At GO TREND YOURSELF I offer you a unique service that re-examines your organisation from a strategic perspective by seeking to understand how you exist within the larger start-up ecosystem. I work with you to harness your unique skills and resources to help you create a unique position in the marketplace, that no other incubator or accelerator can occupy.  

I do this in 3 STAGES:

(1) LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU: I learn about all the unique resources and core competencies that make you stand out from the other incubators and accelerators. Many of which are often underused and seem unrelated to your current mission. I believe that you should always build from your strengths.

(2) UNDERSTAND YOUR ECOSYSTEM: I learn everything about the ecosystem that you operate within.  Ecosystems are made up of clusters of other organisations from universities to incubators/accelerators, corporations to government offices, private investors to large banks. An ecosystem forms a unique culture that works in specific ways to support and promote start-ups.  Within its culture, an ecosystem determines many important aspects, e.g., how funding is really achieved, how products are really developed, how start-ups really access their markets, etc.  Each ecosystem is thus, unique to its city.  Each ecosystem has its strengths and weaknesses. I believe that to become a leader, we must strengthen that ecosystem by creating new spaces/functions that seize opportunities and overcome weaknesses.   

(3) MAKE YOU UNIQUE: I then work with you to create new strategies that puts to use your unique resources and core competencies in ways that creates a unique position within your start-up ecosystem, by overcoming its limitations.  I believe that when you occupy a unique position, you are able to offer start-ups with benefits that no other incubator or accelerator can offer on their programmes.  When this happens, you attract the very best start-ups!    

Although I are based in London, we can provide this service to you, over the internet, anywhere in the world.

I am based in London, but provide these services to you, over the internet, anywhere in the world.   

I also offer FREE mentoring to your cohorts. To discuss this or to discuss ways that I can help redesign your incubator or accelerator, contact me      

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