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What is GO Trend Yourself?                

Go Trend Yourself is a business attitude.  Its sole aim is to make your product or service become a trend that disrupts the old ways in which things are done. In short, I want to help you change the world. 

What kind of work does Go Trend Yourself do for its clients?

I run a number of different services depending on where you are in your start-up life cycle. Check out the Services tab and see where you fit in.  There is something for everyone. 

Are your clinics absolutely free? 

Yes!You do not have to pay a penny or sign up to any of my other services to enjoy my free Ideas, Strategy and Branding clinics nor should you feel obliged to sign up to any of my other services. I love nothing more than to sit and talk about peoples' amazing ideas.  Although my clinics are free, they are based on availability and need to be scheduled, so book now!

Will you steal my ideas?

I am a consultant (not an entrepreneur), who strives to help others turn a great idea into a successful venture.  Additionally, if you feel uncertain of sharing your ideas with me, I am happy to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before we meet. 

What kind of clients do you work with?

My clients come from a variety of backgrounds; from coders to engineers, business folk and pure academics.  Most however are dreamers with nothing more than an idea and steely determination.  You could be doing this full-time or part-time, perhaps you are looking to start things as a side hustle or are a weekend hobbyist, wishing to turn passions into profits. It makes no difference if your industry is finance or property, insurance or compliance, food or culture, health or technology.  

What do you look for in a client?

The journey you are about to take from ideas scribbled on a cafe napkin to a multi-million dollar invested start-up is a long and hard one.  Therefore 3 key conditions would be required from every client to enable me to help them succeed: 

1. Combining Passion with Adapability -  Passion alone is great, but it can blind you to what often needs to change in your ideas and strategies to suceed. I look for individuals who understand the importance of feedback and be courageous enough to change anything and everything about their business to make it succeed.

2. Hard-Work -  Many of us have great ideas but are unwilling to actually do the hard work. Can you stand in cold, rainy temperatures to carry out questionnaires of potential consumers?  Can you read boring compliance documents and become well versed in industry standards? I always love to work with individuals who are willing and able to push themselves beyond their limits to succeed.

3. Pre-Seed Money -  As the old saying goes, "you've got to spend money to make money".  So many of us have great ideas but have no capital to start the ball rolling.  Getting seed/investment money when you have a prototype or MVP is easy, but what if you only have a good idea? I always recommend my clients save about £3000-5000 or ask family and friends for support, before starting the journey of turning their ideas into something real enough to show the world.  

How are you able to work with clients in different countries?

I am based in London; however, my services are available to clients with access to the internet, anywhere in the world.  My services are designed to be delivered over the internet. However, if you operate within UK, I can also work with you by meeting in person.    

How do you get paid?

Go Trend Yourself​ is a consultancy firm which operates on a day rate.  There are no hidden fees or charges. All rates and costs are clearly disclosed before I begin my work and are not subject to later re-negotiations. I  quote in Pound Sterling (£) and you will always receive an electronic invoice for the work carried out.  Any work scheduled can be cancelled at any time and fees will be subject to work carried out.  

What type of free mentorship do you offer to incubators and accelerators?

I offer free advisory and educational mentorship to cohorts in all services detailed in this website. To check out a full list of such services, simply click           or via the Services tab.   However, this free service is based on a detailed and timetabled agreement between Go trend Yourself and the individual incubator and or accelerator on a programme-by-programme basis.

How to get Go Trend Yourself to work with my business?

Its simple.  You contact me through my 'contact' section.  We exchange a few simple emails to assess your situation.  I then arrange a FREE consultation to really get to know one another.  Most often such discussions lead to a plan of action and a series of steps that I believe would need to be undertaken to achieve success.  There is no pressure to hiring me for any of these services and I always recommend that you attempt to undertake these steps yourself. However, if you feel confident in me and wish to delegate any specific task then you simply hire me for it. I propose a fee and deadline and begin my job to impress you.  

What Languages do you work in?

Currently I only work with clients in English. 

To get further important information, check out our legal section   

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