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A disclosure

It is the aim of Go Trend Yourself to help you develop your ideas into success prototypes, to help make your business more competitive and investment attractive and to help launch your products and services into new markets and applications. Although this is my aim, I cannot provide any assurances that working with me or any affiliate of Go Trend Yourself will lead to such desirable outcomes.  The most I can do is work with you to increase your chances!! Therefore Go Trend Yourself takes no responsibility for start-ups that fail to achieve such aims. 

News/Media Coverage

We often do tours that take start-ups to various cities to introduce them to various start-up ecosystems.  During this tour there may be photography for use on our social media and for promotional material. It is the responsibility of the attending participant to inform us if they refuse to have their likeness taken and distributed.   

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

There may be some start-ups who do not wish to share information about their products or services during their critical early stages.  Go Trend Yourself is willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your ideas from being shared or taken. An NDA is an agreement between two parties that forbids the signer from disclosing any confidential information shared during the event to a third party.  However Go Trend Yourself cannot personally guarantee this protection if we share your ideas, upon your permission, with potential 3rd parties e.g. incubators and accelerators.  Each start-up must ensure the protection of their ideas and Go Trend Yourself takes no responsibility of how 3rd parties choose to use your ideas.   


GO Trend Yourself is dedicated to promoting equality and equal opportunity. We look forward to working with amazing new start-ups from all sectors of the industry from all backgrounds and from all parts of the world.  However we maintain the right to refuse clients if they create products or services that aim to discriminate against a group of people based on their gender, race, age, ability, ethnicity, sexuality, religious and/or political beliefs.      

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