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My Story

Imran Javaid Butt
Founder, Consultant, Start-up Geek

I consider myself a Jack of all Trades. 10 years as a Change Consultant for large private, public and third sector companies and 10 years as a Financial accountant would do that to someone!!

Through a unique toolbox of skills that combine Business Analysis; Consumer Psychology; Financial Management; Design Thinking; Human Resourcing; User-Experience Design (UXD); Python Coding and Data Science, I seek to help start-ups discover their potential, overcome their obstacles and achieve their vision.  

I worked with start-ups and incubators/accelerators in Europe (UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Portugal), Asia (Hong Kong, India), Africa (Rwanda, Somalia), Middle East (UAE, Qatar) as well as Australia.

I can't wait to collaborate with you on your exciting start-up journey!! 

To learn more about how I help start-ups turn great ideas into exicting prototypes

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