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Getting Ready to Launch

If you're going to launch, then launch BIG!! I offer a variety of services that enable you to make the biggest first impression on the launch of your enterprise.   

Branding Clinic

Let's build on your unique abilities and resources to create a powerful brand

that helps you stand out from your competitors.


Make yourself seen. Let me help you create interest in your brand through package design, pricing, placement and promotion.

Brand Awareness

Be remembered. Let me show you how to engage with the best platforms to keep your brand fresh, relevant and unforgettable.  

Product Launch

First impressions are everything. Let me help design hype, suspense and exciting events that celebrate your brand and help you launch big.

Sales Strategies

Always be selling! Let's design promotional offers, rewards, loyality schemes and consumer confidence to retain and grow your customer base.

Data Analysis

Let's convert data from sales trends,

web traffic, focus groups, surveys and reviews into powerful tools that

that will help your brand succeed.

Consumer Loyality

Engagement is key. Let me show you how to turn consumers into partners

that help ensure your business 

always delivers real value. 

Investor Relations

Money is good, but an investor who can add real value is better. Let me help you navigate the tricky world of investors and shareholders.

I am based in London, but provide these services to you, over the internet, anywhere in the world.   

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